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  • Efficient Design Solutions with a Butler® Building System

  • A Bassett Construction built facility, utilizing a Butler® Building System, offers design flexibility, both exterior and interior, with superior weathertight performance and fast in-place installation in Oregon and Washington.

Butler data centersThink differently about how you build. With construction costs accounting for just 10% of a building’s overall costs, Butler can help you see the whole picture and make an impact on the other 90%. It’s called total building operating cost, and it’s what makes building with Butler better.

Butler is known for its commitment to quality, providing nonresidential construction clients with a comprehensive offering of design, manufacturing and design-build construction services through Bassett Construction. Butler consistently set new standards in building technology, with continual development and testing of new concepts, products and practices. Their innovative products are backed by unrivaled research and testing to ensure that every Butler building constructed by Bassett will perform to the highest standards. Bassett Construction and Butler Manufacturing™ Solutions include:

Data Center Facilities

Data Center Facility Construction
Fast and cost effective – you’ll find these attributes and more in a data center facility featuring Butler building systems.

We understand the importance of fast construction, particularly in a highly competitive business environment. A Butler building system is designed for precision assembly without expensive field work or onsite modifications, enabling it to be built up to 30% faster than is generally possible with a traditional specbid- build approach. You can be confident in the speed and versatility with which Butler Systems can deliver on a facility you can optimize today and expand on tomorrow.

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Butler hangar building

Aircraft Hangar Construction
As any aircraft owner knows, the initial cost of a plane or helicopter is just part of the true cost of ownership.

To protect that investment, you want an aircraft hangar that meets your needs. And, if you build that hangar, you want the most efficient design and construction -without wasting a dollar or a day. So whether you have a small 2-seater ormultiple jumbo jets, Bassett and Butler Manufacturing™ can provide a hangar facility that meets your needs.

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Butler distribution center

Warehouse and Distribution Centers
Butler & Bassett built distribution centers provide superior protection and performance in terms of energy efficiency, low maintenance, and greater lifecycle savings –  and of course, they will look beautiful for years.

Bassett understands the importance of fast construction, particularly in a competitive business environment. A Butler building system is designed to assemble quickly, enabling it to be built up to 30% faster than is generally possible with conventional methods.

With a Butler® pre-engineered building, the structural frame, the roof, and even the walls of your new building are designed by experienced Butler engineers. This saves you planning time and engineering design costs. And with our extensive capabilities, we can design and build for any budget.




Butler offers several competitive advantages that have enabled them to remain the leader in the data center building industry. They call this The Butler Difference, and you’ll find it in details such as:

• High-performance products—such as acrylic-coated galvanized C/Z purlins and girts.

• Butler's unique MR-24® seam that virtually eliminates roof leaks, and structural and wall systems that integrate easily with conventional building materials.

• Butler-Cote™ finish—Butler offers this superior full-strength Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® fluoropolymer finish system as the standard exterior finish on all painted panels and trim.

• Weathertightness warranties—available 25-year warranties for panel finish protection and weathertightness are a testament to the performance that a Butler building system offers.


About Butler Manufacturing™

Butler Manufacturing provides a comprehensive combination of design-build construction solutions and innovative building technology to the nonresidential market. Every Butler® building solution is backed by unrivaled research and testing, ensuring that Butler building systems perform to the highest standards. Butler is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc.

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